NVQ Level 2 Painting and Decorating Assessment (EWPA)

NVQ Level 2 Painting and Decorating Assessment (EWPA)

NVQ Level 2 Painting and Decorating Assessment (EWPA)

NVQ Level 2 for Experienced Painters and Decoraters

Course Outline

Are you an experienced Painter and Decorator in need of a NVQ Level 2 in Painting and Decorating? Do you have more then five years experience working as a Painter and Decorator but possess no formal qualifications? The Experienced Worker Practical Assessment could be the fastest and quickest route for you to achieve your NVQ Level 2 in Painting and Decorating.

Cost: £720 Inclusive of VAT, registration and certification.

Duration: 2 Days (8:00am – 5:00pm)


EWPA - Experienced Worker Practical Assessment

EWPA is a method of off site assessment. It is known as the Experienced Worker Practical Assessment and is open to Bricklayers, Carpenters and Painter and Decorators who require a fast track, trouble free route to obtaining an NVQ qualification. On successful completion of EWPA candidates can apply for the CSCS Skilled Worker Card. EWPA offers experienced learners a way of achieving a qualification. It is available to experienced workers who do not require any further training. This assessment method combines the use of witness testimonies, employer endorsement, practical assessment, professional discussion and underpinning knowledge questions.

How does the assessment work?

Day 1: The candidate takes a practical assessment. The duration of the practical assessment will depend on the occupation assessed. The assessment is designed to test the skills of the individual e.g planning, organisation, marking out, tool skills, quality, speed and accuracy. Successful completion of Day 1 will allow the candidate to progress onto Day 2.

Day 2: The candidate will undertake a professional discussion and questioning with the assessor. The assessor will explore the evidence provided by witness testimony and employer endorsement to check authenticity, constituency and sufficiency in accordance with CSkills awards. This will take the form of a ‘professional discussion’ where the learner will engage in a two – way conversation with the assessor, relating to their past experiences that forms the witness testimonies. An additional question and answer session will also take place to confirm the underpinning knowledge relating to all aspects of the qualification that are being assessed. It is likely that the discussion and questioning will take up to two hours to complete.

On successful completion of EWPA, the learner will receive feedback from the assessor. If a learner is unsuccessful in achieving the qualification, an assessment plan review will be required. The learner may be directed with a recommendation for additional or further training. If the candidate doesn’t achieve, but shows they are capable, they can be referred to OSAT – On Site Assessment and Training. It is likely that the discussion and questioning will take up to two hours to complete.


  • Please note all deposits paid are non refundable
  • Any outstanding course fees must be paid three weeks prior to the assessment taking place
  • Third Parties who are paying for employees to undertake one of our courses must pay the full amount on application.
How do I enrol?

Step 1: The candidate will be required to complete a Construction Training Specialists (CTS) Skill Scan application form and CTS application form and return with either the full course fee or £300 deposit.

Step 2: The candidate receives and completes a Part 2 Document. The part 2 document pack contains most of the material required by the candidate including record of employment form, qualifications/education form, employer endorsement and witness testimonies for each unit.

Step 3: The candidate is registered onto CSkills Awards registration and certification system, as an experienced worker. The candidate will then be allocated a time and date when they will be assessed. 

What funding is available?

At present the NVQ Level 2 isn’t funded by the government, however, the cost of OSAT is tax deductable. CITB Registered Levy payers may be able to claim £400 back on completion of the qualification for more information on levy payments, please visit www.citb.co.uk


Level 2 achievers can progress onto their NVQ Level 3 via OSAT – On Site Assessment.

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Apply Today
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