Level 2 Apprenticeship in Groundworks

Level 2 Apprenticeship in Groundworks

Level 2 Apprenticeship in Groundworks

Apprenticeship in General Construction (Groundworks)

Course Outline:

The aim of this qualification is to recognise the knowledge, skills and competence demonstrated by an individual in the workplace. This Level 2 NVQ Construction Operations and Civil Engineering Services.

Construction Operations – General Construction provides the opportunity for individuals who specialise in general construction to demonstrate their competence. Achievement of this qualification will provide opportunities to progress to further qualifications and training such as: Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Occupational Work Supervision.

As part of your apprenticeship you will also:
  • Work towards your Level 2 Diploma in General Construction
  • Work towards your NVQ Level 2 in General Construction
  • Work towards your Functional Skills (if required)
  • Work towards the Employer Rights and Responsibilities qualification (ERR)
  • Work towards your Personal Learning Thinking Skills (PLTS)
Mandatory Units:

(credit value: 10) Units required: 3

  • QCF641 Conforming to General Health, Safety and Welfare in the Workplace
  • QCF642 Conforming to Productive Working Practices in the Workplace
  • QCF643 Moving, Handling and Storing Resources in the Workplace
Optional Units Group A:

(credit value: 10) Units required: 1

  • QCF360v2 Establishing Work Area Protection and Safety in the Workplace
  • QCF365v2 Segregating the Area for Highways Works in the Workplace
Optional Units Group B:

(credit value: 19) Units required: 1

  • QCF45v3 Placing and Finishing Non-Specialist Concrete in the Workplace
  • QCF639v2 Installing Drainage in the Workplace 
Optional Units Group C:

(credit value: 5) Units required: 1

  • QCF172 Reinstating Ground Condition in the Workplace
  • QCF225 Placing and Compacting Concrete in the Workplace
  • QCF250AX Erecting and Dismantling Access/Working Platforms in the Workplace
  • QCF366v2 Installing Street Ironwork in the Workplace
  • QCF36v2 Preparing and Mixing Concrete and Mortars in the Workplace
  • QCF370v2 Providing Temporary Excavation Support in the Workplace
  • QCF374v2 Reinstating Excavation and Highway Surfaces in the Workplace
  • QCF391Bv3 Preparing and operating forward tipping dumpers to receive, transport and discharge materials in the workplace
  • QCF394Av3 Preparing and operating ride-on rollers to compact materials in the workplace
  • QCF396Cv1 Preparing to and directing and guiding the movement of vehicles, plant or machinery in the workplace
  • QCF397Cv1 Preparing for, and arranging and securing plant or machinery for transportation in the workplace
  • QCF400v2 Preparing and operating powered units, tools or pedestrian plant, machinery or equipment in the workplace
  • QCF402Av1 Slinging and hand signalling the movement of suspended loads in the workplace


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